TNT Overlay cement overlay concrete overlay
Concrete has been the preferred product of engineers for years
in the construction of roadways, bridges, buildings, sidewalks,
driveways, patios and many other foundations because of it's
reliability to perform for an almost indefinite period of time.  
Concrete has been the choice of engineers as well as
consumers for it's beauty and functionality.
It is now that we would like to introduce you to Century
Stone Concrete Coatings!

Century Stone Products combine current day concrete
technologies with decorative natural stone that makes
the beauty of concrete so much more noticeable and
The technology used in the development of cool
concrete surfaces has been used for almost 30 years in
the sun-belt regions on patios and pool decks providing
an outside location for entertaining family and friends.
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TNT Overlay
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The designs and textures are simply limited by your imagination!
For your complimentary estimate or if you have any questions we
can be reached at:
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Cement concrete overlay on pool deck