- Who is CenturyStone Concrete Products?  

CenturyStone Concrete Products was created in 2000 by its parent company The Eaton
Company, who has over 24 years experience in general engineering construction
technology.  CenturyStone Concrete Products was formed to develop and manufacture high
performance concrete systems for industrial as well as decorative applications.  Its primary
product is CenturyStone Concrete Coatings.

- What is CenturyStone concrete coatings?

CenturyStone Concrete Products has developed various systems for repairing and restoring
concrete surfaces and structures, including a crack repair system, that, collectively, has
evolved into a variety of decorative coatings and patterns for pool decks, patios, driveways,
garage floors as well as heavy-duty industrial applications for warehouse floors and parking

- What is it made of?

The CenturyStone concrete coatings are, essentially, high-performance concrete formulas
designed from “New Century” polymer technology.  The backbone of CenturyStone Concrete
Coatings are the acrylic polymer modifiers that promotes a high bond strength and extreme
durability to the concrete coatings. The acrylic modifiers are dispersed in a concrete mixture
containing cement, and a high content quartz aggregate matrix.  The modified concrete
possesses enhanced strength as well as improvement of many properties over standard
concrete systems.

- How strong is it?   

Generally speaking, most acrylic-modified concrete designs are twice the strength of normal
concrete. A concrete mixture designed to yield 3,000 psi (pounds per square inch) will yield
over 6,000 psi if modified by an acrylic polymer additive. CenturyStone Concrete Coatings
yield over 9000 psi (over 3 times the normal strength of concrete).

- How is it applied?

CenturyStone Concrete Coatings can be applied by trowel, squeegee or broom depending
on the nature of repair and desired finish.

- What can it be applied to?

Most systems can be applied to concrete, wood, tile and stone.  It can generally be applied
to any stable subbase regardless of its composition. (In other words, it can bond to almost

- In what weather can it be applied?  

Warm weather is the best for application as it will have a faster curing time.  However, all
systems can be applied in most any weather (except direct rain or freezing temperatures).

- What makes CenturyStone concrete coatings unique?  

Natural Stone Beauty with 99% Pure Quartz from North America
Over 9,000 psi (in 28 days) (over 6,000 psi in 3 days)
All Weather Technology
Highly Reflective of Heat
Easy to Clean
Low Maintenance
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